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Sunday 15 March 2020

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Rehab callout, including a request for a CERT trailer, @ ~ 0020 for a structure fire on Main Street in Buda; Laurie Taylor was already on-scene having arrived earlier (2330 on 3/14/2020). Harlan Smith quickly responded, picked up the Kyle Rehab Trailer, and was on-scene at 0030. Rachel Maldonado arrived at the same time and was soon joined by Jim MacDonald and Clyde Barroso. Jim Gardner also responded and was en route when we sent out an update that we had enough resources; he assumed standby status until it was clear that a trailer was at the scene. After the fire was contained and the firefighters began mop-up activities, the IC began releasing CERT @ 0315; by 0400, all CERT members had left.

A pair of firefighters prepare to reenter Helen's Casa Alde in Buda to check for hotspots early Sunday morning. A fire at the business caused extensive interior damage, according to authorities. (Photo by Moses Leos III, Hays Free Press News-Dispatch.)

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