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Hays County CERT is a county wide volunteer organization that is divided into 4 teams. Each member of the organization is assigned a team based on their location of residence, but is not limited to that area alone. Once a call is received from dispatch for CERT back up, any volunteer can respond regardless of their team's base location. 

Teams are in place to promote leadership throughout the organization, ensure constant communication through designated points of contact and  it also lets our members know who is the closest within their community to reach out for help if a crisis should arise. Hays County CERT promotes the well being and safety of each individual's family above all else, and our members know they can count on each other to be properly trained and prepared for anything if and when their community calls on them. 

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Strike Team Director: Gordon DeWitte

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Buda/Kyle Strike Team Lead: Peter Parcher

Assistant Team Lead: Jacqueline Williford

Dripping Springs Strike Team Lead: Ken Tolces

Assistant Team Lead: Diana Welsch

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San Marcos Strike Team Lead: Bruce Williams

Assistant Team Lead: Position is OPEN

Wimberley Strike Team Lead: Gary Callon

Assistant Team Lead: Jim Gardner

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If you are interested in becoming a Strike Team Leader or Assistant, please email