If you are interested in becoming a CERT member and are a Veteran,
we have a special program just for you! 

Our Veterans program began August 2021. Sign up for the CERT Basic Class (G-317) to get certified

Fill out our Veterans application

Then follow the steps on https://www.hayscountycert.com/joincert to complete the process. Please send a copy of your DD 214 to cert_liaison@hayscountycert.com once registration and application are submitted.

Veteran School Safety Program

The School Safety Volunteer program is designed to expand the safety of our elementary students through the use of prior military service, retired, or currently serving members. These volunteers will be in CERT uniforms representing their branch of service. Volunteers are asked to dedicate a morning or afternoon to greet the students arriving and departing the school grounds and will receive the following training and certifications:



Incorporating our local veterans who have been professionally trained in situational awareness and emergency response to all potential hazards, can provide a tremendous benefit to our local elementary campuses. A friendly face consistently greeting and bidding farewell to these young students each morning and afternoon, with positive notes of encouragement. Students will learn the value of respect, duty, honor and selfless service as exhibited by our veterans. Our schools and community will benefit from the passion of service these veterans have so often displayed and will continue dedicate service to the safety of our elementary students.