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Kyle, Texas 

2171 Yarrington Rd Ste #300

Kyle, Texas 

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FOR CERT SPECIFIC EVENTS: Log into Volgistics CERT Member account to sign up for volunteer opportunities


FOR ALL : Log your hours in Volgistics!!

 Help yourself and your neighbors during an emergency. This course is intended to provide the knowledge and skills citizen volunteers need to effectively serve their community; the focus is on preparing for local emergencies and how to respond to them.

Class attendance, G-317, and the Final/Practical must be attended along with taking an online test, IS-317, scored through the FEMA website.

Follow these easy steps in order to register for this class:

*Click on the corresponding buttons to the left for easy access*

Submit a Hays County CERT application. Include your Drivers License number on your application. We will do a background check. 

Register for an SID Number with FEMA at

Save this number as you will need it later.

Sign up for an account on Preparing Texas  Once there, click the “Create an Account” on the top/left hand side of the website. Once your account has been created, click on the “Training Catalog” tab at the top of the page. There will be a box titled “Classroom Catalog” with spaces available for  “Course#”, type in  G-317 and click the search. Click “View Available Classes” and select the course to register.

***Wait for a confirmation Email********

This is your IN PERSON CERT Course. It is broken down into 5 separate days:

Day 1: Units 1, 2 & 7

Day 2: Units 3 & 4

Day 3: Unit 5

Day 4: Unit 6

Day 5: Unit 8 & CRASE. CERT Practical Final Exam 

Attend the CERT intro class


Here are a few tips on attending class:

  • Feel free to bring a snack and something to drink.

  • Lunch Break 1 hour – there are restaurants nearby or feel free to bring from home.

  • Wear comfortable clothing.  The room temperature may vary.

  • You will be sitting in a classroom, actively moving around the room and be outside at different times.

Final/Practical Written Online Exam – Must be taken and submitted to before your IN PERSON Final on Day 5.

Congratulations! You are Officially CERT Certified!!! You will receive a badge and if you are Active Duty, a CERT shirt, CERT hat, and a backpack full of emergency preparedness goodies!

Go to your new Volgistics Volunteer profile.  Use the email you put on your application, create a password, and update all the information in your profile. This is where you will sign up for volunteer opportunities, keep track of sensitive information, log your hours and receive all CERT Team related updates! 

Additional classes for CERT members: IS-100.B, IS-200.B, IS-700.A and IS-800.B. These classes can be taken anytime during or after this course. Always forward completed certificates to Rachel Henry,