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Texas Disaster Volunteer Registry (TDVR)

Log-in for CERT Certified Members

GET STARTED Instructions

We now use the TDVR management system. The Texas Disaster Volunteer Registry is maintained by the Department of State Health Services.

Use this portal to sign up for volunteer events, edit your profile information, and track your own hours.

Go to the TDVR website to create an account.


We recommend the latest version of the following web browsers: 

Please see your browser's help file for more information.

1.   First select the Hays County CERT organization; it looks like this:














2.    Create a new username and password, then select your secret question and answer.













3.    Enter your information on the page; please make sure all contact information is correct! The image below shows a portion of the info needed to register. Please complete all entry fields. Your information will be kept secure and shared only with emergency management officials.

























4. You should receive an email confirmation after you register.



Once you register, the next time you login, the member portal looks like this:



TDVR how to find Hays.png
TDVR enter info.png
TDVR account info.png
TDVR confirmation.png

CERT Member volunteer portal

TDVR login portal.png
If you have any issues logging in or want to provide feedback, please email
Thank You!
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