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Wednesday 6 October 2021

Everbridge callout @ 0311 for a structure fire in Sunset Canyon. Mike Ergo, Candy Lonie, and Peter Parcher were on-scene by 0404, with Wayne Kamaura and Diana Welsch arriving @ 0417. Gary Callon and Jim Gardner brought the Wimberley Rehab Trailer in @ 0423 and the CERT members set up for rehab. North Hays County Fire/Rescue had the fire under control by 0437 and began mop-up activities. At 0530 the IC advised CERT members that they would likely be released in ~ 30 minutes and they began to button things up. A minor flare-up in the structure put the CERT release on hold for a bit and it wasn't until 0621 that they were finally released. By 0715 all CERT members were back home and the Rehab Trailer had been returned to Wimberley.

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