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Thursday 12 November 2020

Everbridge callout at 1125 for rehab at a structure fire in Kyle. We had an early warning at ~ 1110 for this event as several of us were nearby in Kyle wrapping up an Executive Board meeting when Laurie Taylor got a call from Kyle FD about the fire. Ken Tolces arrived first on scene and was followed shortly by Nola Stowe. Crews from Kyle FD, Buda FD, and San Marcos FD had already largely contained the fire. Jim MacDonald brought the new Rehab Trailer from San Marcos, Rachel Maldonado made a run for snacks, and Mike Yancey made a run to pickup food at the request of the Fire Chief. The team quickly set up a rehab station to distribute cold drinks and cold towels. Wayne Kamura and Rick Brennes provided support; Jim Gardner and Harlan Smith checked in via CERT Surveyor to note they were standing by should extra help be needed. Rehab was provided to approximately 20-25 personnel. The IC released CERT around 1600 and by 1630 all our volunteers had packed up and left.

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