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PAC & DS Volunteer sign ups

You will receive an email with the updated access code today 02/20.

We have had to make a few adjustments to the amount of volunteers since we have several shifts in one day as well as two locations in the same day. PAC 1st dose is the AM shift. PAC 2nd dose is the Mid Day and PM shifts.

DS is 1st dose only. If supplies are available*** for 1st dose and you have not received your first dose, please sign up for the AM PAC shift or any DS shifts. Please be aware this is not a guarantee as 1st doses are allocated to the pre-registered appointments. If you need your 2nd dose at the PAC, be sure to sign up at that location, regardless of shift time you will receive your 2nd dose BUT you still have to have your 2nd dose registration card so remember to bring it!

Thank you

Rachel Henry

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