2171 Yarrington Rd Ste #300

Kyle, Texas 

2171 Yarrington Rd Ste #300

Kyle, Texas 




 Help yourself and your neighbors during an emergency. This course is intended to provide the knowledge and skills citizen volunteers need to effectively serve their community; the focus is on preparing for local emergencies and how to respond to them.

Class attendance and the Final/Practical must be attended along with taking an online test (done at your convenience), IS-317, scored through the FEMA website.

Follow these easy steps in order to register for this class:

*Click on the corresponding buttons to the left for easy access*

Submit a Hays County CERT application. 

Sign up for an account on Preparing Texas http://www.preparingtexas.org/ 

Once there, click the “Create an Account” on the top/left hand side of the website. Once completed, you can then register for class – see Step 3.

Register for class at http://www.preparingtexas.org/ click the “Training Catalog” tab at the top of the page. On the “Classroom Catalog” form enter only the “Course#” G317 and click the search. Click “View Available Classes” and select the course to register.

Register for an SID Number with FEMA at https://cdp.dhs.gov/femasid

Save this number as you will need it later.


Here are a few tips on attending class:

  • Feel free to bring a snack and something to drink.

  • Lunch Break 1 hour – there are restaurants nearby or feel free to bring from home.

  • Wear comfortable clothing.  The room temperature may vary.

  • You will be sitting in a classroom, actively moving around the room and be outside at different times.


Final/Practical Written Exam – Must be taken and submitted to Cert_Liaison@hayscountycert.com 

Additional classes for CERT membership: IS-100.B, IS-200.B, IS-700.A and IS-800.B. These classes can be taken anytime during or after this course. Always forward completed certificates to Laurie Taylor,   Cert_Liaison@hayscountycert.com

thank you for attending the basic cert certification class!

CERT Certification includes the topics below: 

Disaster Preparedness / CERT Organization

Fire Safety & Utility Controls

Medical Operations Part 1

Medical Operations Part 2

CRASE and SRP (Standard Response Protocol)

Light Search and Rescue Operations

Disaster Psychology

Terrorism and CERT


Additional Training



IS-317   - Introduction to Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)

IS-100.c - Introduction to the Incident Command System ICS 100

IS-200.c - Basic Incident Command System for Initial Response

IS-700.b - An Introduction to the National Incident Management System

IS-800.c - National Response Framework, an introduction


CERT Training from Ready.Gov




Offered Training

Varies year to year - Monthly

CPR (fee required)

CPR Renewal (fee required)

Stop the Bleed

Flood Aware (National Weather Service)

Swift Water Awareness  Training (classroom only)


Meet Our Team Leaders

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Assistant TL: Diana Welsch

Team Lead: Gary Callon

Assistant TL: Jim Gardner

Team Lead: Mike Rubsam

Assistant TL: Harlan Smith

Team Lead: Clifton Mann

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